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High profit – low Drawdown: Riding Trends with AutoTrendTrader

With my new Strategy, the AutoTrendTrader, you’ll receive a powerful Tool to identify strong Trends.

If you take some time to optimize the Settings, you have the Opportunity to find a Setup that is really mindblowing.

I found such a highly profitable Setup for ZRXBTC on the 4H Timeframe. You’ll get only a few Signals per Month, but according to the Backtests, more than 90% of the Trades are profitable.

Sounds almost too good to be true? But it’s getting better: Depending on your Account-size and the Position-sizes you are using, you’ll achieve almost 80% Net Profit with less than 5% Drawdown!

I’ve been using the AutoTrendTrader on the 5 Minute Chart with Autoview to automate my Trades – and this works pretty good. I wanted those instant Gratifications and the Kick you’ll get when you’re Trading on shorter Timeframes.  But Riding strong Trends can be more profitable and less risky – but it takes Time and Patience.

Maybe you’ll give it a Try?

See below the Settings I’ve been using for this profitable Setup.