TD Lines

$9.90 / month

Reliable Alerts on Trendline-Breaks – based (but no official implementation!) on concepts and strategies of Tom DeMark.
Use the Power of Trendlines without the need to draw them on your own!
Get Email-Alerts with your customized buy and sell signals, or use autoview to trigger and exit the trades.
Use the Indicator Package with Forex, Cryptocurrencies, Commodities and Stocks.



  • Automatic Trendlines – this will save you lots of time, using proven concepts by implementing TD Points level 1 – 3.
  • Signals on qualified Trendline-Breaks – this will make your signals super-reliable, following strict rules/ multiple conditions
  • Different types/combinations of Stop Loss, Trailing Stops and Take Profit settings
    • TP/SL based on R:R (1:1 to 1:10)
    • TP/SL based on the Three Day Trailing Stop Rule (3DTSR) from Peter Brandt
    • Combinations of both, R:R and 3DTSR
  • RSI Filter – this will make your signals even more reliable because the filter adds an extra confirmation to the signals.
  • Alert Conditions – Just set up your alerts and then there is no need to wait in front of your computer. Never miss a profitable trading opportunity.
  • Create your personal Crypto-Trading-Bot with autoviewand the TD Lines Study

What’s included:

  • TD Lines Study (generate signals)
  • TD Lines Strategy (backtest your settings)
  • BONUS: A “free” version of autoview. License-checks are disabled – all Crypto-Exchanges can be used – unlimited!

The setup shown here is: TD Points level 3, Taking Profit via R:R 1:3, combined with 3DTSR trailing Stops.
The red Trendline (it is a TD Supply Line) is automatically drawn via continuing the invisible Line that connects TD Points 1 and 2 (these are Level 3 TD Supply Points).
At the red Triangle, a qualified Trendline-Break occurs and a Buy-Signal is fired.
The red and green areas visualize the TP and SL Levels. The olive area appears, when the Trailing Stop Rules kick-in.

The Screenshot to the Right shows the backtesting Results of XAUUSD on a 1H Chart. The Drawdown seems to be too high, but the Net-Profit is amazing!

This is the Properties Dialog, showing the Settings for the above backtesting example.